Alberto Meda


From the historic center of Milan, where the captive La Scala, Vittorio Emmanuelle and the Duomo are, there is an unforgettable journey that is not so close to walk but also not too far to skip it, it's just a trip (in one of those twentieth century trams which are kept spotless), to the epicenter of modern creativity that makes Italy and its inhabitants a place where the great artistic pillar that always characterizes them in terms of design is explained.

The Polytechnic Institute of Milan, dating from 1863, has been the quarry of many architects, engineers and designers, representing a permanent emblem for those of us passionate about design, art and the accuracy of everything tangible within our reach.

It is therefore no coincidence that Alberto Meda, a graduate of Mechanical Engineering from this educational institution, has become one of those versatile designers who make anything from a watch to a lamp, from experiences with Olivetti printers, a brand bearing his signature as product designer. Alfa Romeo also has a trace of his passage through this automotive manufacturer, and naturally Vitra has an entire section of his collections that demonstrate the versatility, comfort and elegance in executive chairs and high traffic lounges.

Alberto gives enough to talk about, as it is not common for a Mechanical Engineer to be a furniture designer, in addition to having various proposals regarding the use of materials to make furniture.

Alberto is still at an age that allows him to stay active and thus give free rein to his creative talent, he is someone who effortlessly gives in to the vocation of teaching, having been professor of industrial technology in different academic centers in Italy, Germany and USA. He has also been a speaker at TEDx Milano.

His name has been immortalized in the various Vitra designs, with Meda Gate, designed for airports, Meda Slim for waiting chairs or Meda Conference for directors, which we see in the picture with the unassembled pieces. This to cite just a few examples of the impact left by this respected and admired professional.