Euromobilia has been certified as the first carbon neutral worldwide furniture manufacturer

In March 2013, Euromobilia reaffirmed its leading position in the Central American furniture industry by being the first of its kind to engage with the Costa Rican national agenda in its plan to be carbon neutral by 2021.

The certification, along with six other domestic companies from other sectors, marks a before and after of this event that acknowledges the work of recognizing their commitment to the environment. In effect making a serious evaluation of its manufacturing operation with inventories and audits to minimize their emissions, complemented by the planning, execution and registration of their compensation, to make it in this way a company whose carbon footprint is imperceptible and contributing to the welfare of our current ecosystem and a future in which we are all involved. Our greatest contribution being required to make a better environment for our next generations, so they will have the privilege of enjoying the nature and wellbeing of our planet.

A part of something we hear every day, which increasingly leads more people to adopt an awareness of caring for the planet in the complicated world we live in today and we are obliged at least to know the realities of climate change, our contribution can be made from a simple errand being made on foot or by bicycle, as well as avoiding air conditioning, showing supporting to generating electricity from clean and renewable energy, consuming recognized healthy foods, optimal for the quality of life we seek, as well as identifying with companies that share this ideal.

So what do we expect from a furniture manufacturer that is certified carbon neutral?

The answers are many, starting with the commitment made by the company in reallocating delivery routes, turning off the engines of these trucks when they are not in motion, in the production plant there is a protocol for the emissions of their greenhouse gases, the audited cleaning process in each of its facilities and its fleet of trucks. The green focus of our society is something we should apply to all possible spaces and this trend is becoming more of a norm than a fashion. Another example easily understood are the recent buildings certified LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) in some of the new modern corporate headquarters and hotels in the country, which filter the suppliers of materials and equipment that comply fully with the regulations established in their respective commercial codes that are audited by a competent authority.

Similarly, to meet the objectives of the National Agenda for Carbon Neutrality by 2021, the Government should adopt, promote and support these initiatives in their hiring processes to achieve this goal in our country, that owns 5% of the Global Biodiversity, where we are recognized for this great gift that nature gave us and with which we have lived in an enviable welfare, but we must be aware that this will not be so forever if we do not act in time, where we might regrett it after a few decades .